The pen is my-Tier!


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The questionably funny, bilingual wordplay aside, getting your point across in the target language, without sounding stuffy or missing the mark, is one of the challenges I help you overcome when you send me your copy for translation into, or out of, the German language.


Here's an overview of some projects I've worked on over the years. 


Under the motto "App-ster statt Hipster", the folks at Westfalentarif promoted their digital booking solution for the region's public transport.

Henkel - Fusion XLT

A YouTube and Point-Of-Sale  campaign for all-weather silicone. Together with the amazing team at M-Create in Düsseldorf.


In my early days teaching business English, a student from Bastei Lübbe asked me to offer my voice for a few tracks. Can you spot my voice?